No problems, only solutions

Du och jag. Bus varje dag.

The best is yet to come

Oh, you fancy huh?

"A character actor, changing the look all the time - for different roles."

I'm down with you

Wake up, you're dreaming
I can't stand your screaming

Everybody thinks they're genius


It's not hard to like someone you meet once in a while when everything seems nice and simple. When you're bubbly and in a good mood. But those who have access to all sides... Those who still would talk good about you without any intentions, even if you're not there. And even on their worst days, it can become a little bit better when you pops up in their heads. Those who doesn't backing away when things appears darker. Those who loves you despite your bad points. There are those who truly cares about you. Hold on tight to them. Cherish.

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