one true fact

What's on your mind?

i wonder why it's so few who choose to live and instead act like living?

Reach me, teach me

I will never let you down

wasting my minutes


Half of everything you wanted to write, doesn't get written.
Half of everything that's written, will not be read.
Half of everything that is being read, will not be understood.
And half of all that is understood, will be misunderstood.
Same thing with things you wanted to say, or saying.

No matter, how carefully you choose your words, they'll always being twisted by others.
How much of what you think you understand, is the final truth?

Breathe Out, So I Can Beathe You In

It's never too late to say I love your brain

Tack för discovery channel
Tack för posten och brevbäraren
Tack för rent vatten ur kranen
Tack för sängen
Tack för toaletten
och till "allt" omkring som tas för givet

Jag diggar er som ligger bakom
innovativa och förbättrade tankar som blev verkställda



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