Hög ironi-faktor

Mer ironiskt att det inte är fler som förstår sig på det.

Today's tribute goes to



"Don't let those things you don't have shadow things you do have"


I wonder how those who know me react when they see these pictures of me. Perhaps some reaction occurs, maybe none. In all cases, this is a facade of me that is beyond my own self-image. But I assume that's my 'female' alter ego. The me- being fancy with make up and dance the night away in high heels in a jungle of spotlights with the music that makes people like to kiss strangers. The me- receiving drinks, and thanking by wink with my false eyelashes, and answer/ask superficial questions. The me- who check out myself in the ladies room a little longer in the mirror and ask a girl with too much perfume to take a photo of me and my friend. The me- who lend my lipstick, and fix my hair every quarter. The me- that may let the costume-guys or other fellas think that I strive after the glamorous and famous life. And to be around successfull people.

Have you thought about
how you appear in the eyes of others?
Is it a conscious choice?
Well well, this could be me in a nutshell.
But it's not. Because..Of different kinds of reasons -this is my "real" ego

this me don't care if you think I should lose weight, about free drinks, or what you're working with.
Unfortunately, this ego will never be able to be replaced by the alter ego.

Jag är premiär

Det återstår att se om Jansa blir historiskt. Det tror jag! :))))

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

# Closeness has nothing to do with distance.

Busy changing the world

it has to be a good day


A declaration of love.

I don't always think and act right
I'm not lovable for all
I often care less then i should
I can't impress with some great talents

There's a lot things I'm not, and much things i can't,
and not to mention much that can be improved
Though there is no other person I want to be
I just want to be me
And that's what i do, just being me.

With each step I take, and what I had to shape me, has always been of my own decisions
Every success, every intermission, every adversity
Only by knowing that, and the fact that I always been true to myself and
never betrayed my heart and soul makes me just completely perfect for me

I'm Jansa
and by far the best relationship I had in my life
is and will always be the one I have to myself.

Brands that do/don't test on animals

For those who cares.

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Good morning Ms. Le

What are we going to eat today? Wait for me! And then...

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