Skandal. Har väl aldrig haft så fel, det enda som förelåg var konstgjort.

Den eviga striden

Kids with guns

Piggy? Piggy? Where are you?


No matter what, don't change. You're lucky enough to be different from everyone else.

vaken indian

För första gången på väldigt länge önskar jag att tröttnaden ska slå till snarast.

will your story be told

will the truth disappear quickly as a day,
because who will tell your story, who will understand your story, who will believe your story


They're looking for something new,
but they continue to be the same people as before.

It's about the moments that take your breath away

320 Little things.

1.    People with laugh lines.

2.    Craisins.

3.    Classical Disney movies.

4.    Fuzzy / toe socks.

5.    Friendly cashiers.

6.    A clean public bathroom.

7.    Making someone who looks sad smile.

8.    Opening a brand-new book.

9.    A simple compliment from a stranger.

10.   Finally understanding something.

11.   Someone telling you a secret. Just you.

12.   Old couples.

13.   Making a perfect signature.

14.   Finding out that a person feels the same way as you do.

15.   Holding doors for strangers, who say thanks.

16.   Long roadtrips at night.

17.   Sleeping at midnight, waking up at noon.

18.   Having a blank to-do list.

19.   Looking at old photographs.

20.   Coming up with a url that’s not taken.

21.   A hot shower after a long day.

22.   Positive feedback on an essay you worked hard on.

23.   Your favorite song on replay.

24.   People who love you despite your flawed physical appearance.

25.   Cute sneezes.

26.   People who smile despite their circumstances.

27.   When someone remembers the things you say.

28.   The originality of people’s handwriting.

29.   Using a clean, crisp towel.

30.   The minutes after you first crawl into bed.

31.   Just you and me. No time.

32.   The first swim of the summer.

33.   Sleeping on clean sheets.

34.   Fresh-baked bread.

35.   Looking through school work from when you were young.

36.   The smell after it rains.

37.   Laughing until your stomach hurts.

38.   Seeing someone’s face light up when you give them a gift.

39.   Holding hands.

40.   Waking up with perfect hair.

41.   Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.

42.   Driving on an empty road.

43.   The sound of little kids’ uncontrollable laughter.

44.   Songs that remind you of a special person / event.

45.   People who accept your extreme weirdness.

46.   Footed pajamas.

47.   When a baby holds your finger.

48.   Recalling good memories with friends.

49.   Hugs from behind.

50.   When the first text you see is from the person you love.

51.   People who remember you after meeting you only once.

52.   Getting an A on a test you didn’t study for.

53.   Looking at the water droplets travel across your car window.

54.   Playground swings.

55.   The smell of breakfast in the morning.

56.   When your plans didn’t work out, but your day turned out great anyway.

57.   Seeing your favorite band live & singing your heart out to their lyrics.

58.   Singing along to the car radio.

59.   Kisses on the forehead.

60.   Seeing a baby laugh.

61.   Watching shows from your childhood.

62.   Being surrounded with a mountain of blankets on a cold, rainy day.

63.   Knowing that you’re loved.

64.   When your bangs actually cooperate with you.

65.   That one person who knows you better than you know yourself.

66.   Tight, meaningful hugs.

67.   Star-gazing.

68.   When his family loves you.

69.   Kept pinky-promises.

70.   Getting mail.

71.   When your music player is on shuffle and our favorite song comes up.

72.   Clothes that came right out of the dryer.

73.   Getting new clothes.

74.   Driving in the car with the windows down, music up, without a care in the world.

75.   When a friendly stranger smiles at you.

76.   Nutella.

77.   Inside jokes.

78.   Wearing his clothes.

79.   Finishing a good book.

80.   When your parents talk about you with pride.

81.   The smell of freshly-cut grass.

82.   The cold side of the pillow.

83.   Being missed.

84.   Hot chocolate on rainy days.

85.   Being awake while everyone else is sleeping.

86.   Knowing you have no homework for the weekend.

87.   Candid photos.

88.   Having breakfast for dinner.

89.   Popping bubble wrap.

90.   Dimples.

91.   Being healthy after being horribly ill.

92.   Silence that isn’t awkward.

93.   Cuddling.

94.   Getting gifts for no reason at all.

95.   Building forts.

96.   Finding money in the laundry.

97.   Peeing after holding it in for a long time.

98.   Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

99.   When you finally remember what you came into the room for.

100.  Getting backed-up in an argument.

101.  A rejuvenating deep breath.

102.  Lazy Saturday afternoons.

103.  The sound of popcorn popping.

104.  Marathons of your favorite shows.

105.  Seeing your loved one smile and knowing you put it there.

106.  The smell of a new book.

107.  Continuous green lights when driving.

108.  The sound of a cat’s purr.

109.  Stumbling across really old songs, but still being able to remember all the lyrics.

110.  Good morning texts.

111.  Getting a tan and not a burn.

112.  A pen that works really well.

113.  Finding something you lost a long time ago.

114.  Catchy / amusing commercials.

115.  Never-ending conversations.

116.  Singing in the shower.

117.  Long naps.

118.  Jeans that fit perfectly.

119.  Being home alone, blasting music, singing loudly, & dancing crazily.

120.  Catching up with an old friend.

121.  Riding a shopping cart.

122.  A child’s unlimited imagination.

123.  Getting new school supplies.

124.  Christmas lights at night.

125.  Deep conversations with your best friend.

126.  Finally getting the food you’ve been craving.

127.  Songs that always make you want to dance.

128.  When your favorite team wins.

129.  The first snowfall of the winter.

130.  Writing / drawing on foggy windows.

131.  Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep.

132.  Being in a fantastic mood, just because.

133.  Hearing that you were in someone’s dream.

134.  The smell of your mom’s home-made cooking.

135.  Magazine perfume samples.

136.  When a little kid draws you a picture.

137.  The moment you realize your period is over.

138.  Knowing all the lines to your favorite movie.

139.  Taking off your bra at the end of the day.

140.  Finishing a final exam.

141.  Correct grammar.

142.  People who treat their parents lovingly.

143.  The soft feeling of a brand-new eraser.

144.  Getting the perfect parking spot.

145.  Hellos.

146.  The first bite into a crisp apple.

147.  Giving random acts of kindness.

148.  Drinking cold water when you’re really thirsty.

149.  When you finally remember the name of the song that’s been stuck in your head.

150.  Seedless grapes.

151.  Waking up and actually remembering your dream.

152.  Being dismissed on the last day of school.

153.  When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time.

154.  Proving a smart person wrong.

155.  The sound of a perfect high-five.

156.  The smell of just-shampoo’d hair.

157.  Nicknames.

158.  A family-sized bag of your favorite chips all for yourself.

159.  A perfect cup of coffee.

160.  Gummy worms.

161.  Parking your car at the same time the song ends.

162.  Watching old home videos.

163.  Fresh air.

164.  When somebody actually says “bless you” when you sneeze in class.

165.  The new car smell.

166.  When your parents say “yes” instead of the expected “no.”

167.  Looking at old yearbook photos and autographs.

168.  Free stuff.

169.  Running through sprinklers in the summer.

170.  When the butter melts on your toast.

171.  Cheesy pick-up lines.

172.  Long-lasting nail polish.

173.  Eating ice cream straight from the tub.

174.  Guitar solos.

175.  Young children with good manners.

176.  The feeling you get after finishing all your homework.

177.  When someone tells you that you smell nice.

178.  A new toothbrush.

179.  Reading picture books from your childhood.

180.  Eating with chopsticks.

181.  Late-night phone conversations.

182.  Sunshine after a rainy day.

183.  Accents.

184.  When the week goes by really fast.

185.  The first hug from someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

186.  Instant friendships.

187.  Picking / peeling off dried glue.

188.  When he smiles at you.

189.  When she smiles at you.

190.  When your friends love your new hairstyle.

191.  Spontaneous adventures.

192.  Just-shaved legs.

193.  The first chews on a new piece of gum.

194.  Guys who smell good.

195.  When the food you enjoy eating is healthy.

196.  Actually finding food in the fridge.

197.  Dresses with pockets.

198.  Not being able to finish a sentence because you’re laughing so hard about the ending.

199.  Taking off high-heels at the end of the day.

200.  Snow days.

201.  A clean room.

202.  Scratch-and-sniff stickers.

203.  Forgetting to set up your alarm, but waking up just on time.

204.  Scented candles.

205.  Perfectly painted nails.

206.  The satisfying feeling of making someone laugh really hard.

207.  The fresh, clean feeling after a shower.

208.  Spotless, bruise-free bananas.

209.  Perfect shower temperature.

210.  Cookies straight out of the oven.

211.  A nice cup of tea.

212.  Wearing your pajamas all day.

213.  Driving on a newly paved road.

214.  Waking up just before your alarm goes off.

215.  Ice cream in waffle cones.

216.  Intentionally mismatched socks.

217.  Finding money in your pocket.

218.  Eating cookie dough.

219.  Bubble baths.

220.  Handwritten letters.

221.  Teachers you can joke with.

222.  Falling asleep to the sound of rain.

223.  Licking the yogurt lid.

224.  Seeing a baby yawn.

225.  When you finish writing right at the end of the page.

226.  Getting an A on a ridiculously hard test.

227.  Midnight snacks.

228.  Learning a new language and using it in real life.

229.  Contagious laughter.

230.  A full tank of gas.

231.  When someone plays with your hair.

232.  The feeling of a good stretch after sleeping.

233.  Breakfast in bed.

234.  Crossing things off your to-do list.

235.  Piggy-back rides.

236.  Waking up with clear skin.

237.  Overhearing someone say nice things about you.

238.  When somebody loves your art work.

239.  When you fortune cookie knows what’s up.

240.  Remembering stories about how you met someone.

241.  Achieving the perfect milk to cereal ratio.

242.  The sound a soda can makes when you open it.

243.  When a person’s laugh is funnier than the joke.

244.  Writing on the first page of a notebook.

245.  When someone holds the door open for you.

246.  Bendy straws.

247.  When someone understands your humor.

248.  Smiling in the middle of a kiss.

249.  Clever puns.

250.  Doodling.

251.  Pre-sharpened pencils.

252.  The feeling after a good workout.

253.  Collapsing into your bed after a long, tiring day.

254.  When the weather feels just right.

255.  Hearing someone whistle.

256.  Flipping to the right page of a book on the first try.

257.  Hitting the high note.

258.  Solving a really long math problem correctly.

259.  Sleeping in your own bed after being away.

260.  Waking up and not being tired.

261.  A fresh pair of contacts.

262.  Being lifted off the ground during a hug.

263.  Songs that match your mood.

264.  When the lights start to dim before a movie.

265.  Easy-to-peel citrus fruits.

266.  Friendship bracelets.

267.  Knowing all the words to a song.

268.  Walking barefoot on grass.

269.  Stapling a finished essay together.

270.  The moment you find a comfortable sleeping position.

271.  The excitement of your pet when you come home.

272.  The first day of wearing shorts after winter.

273.  Untouched snow.

274.  Your favorite part of a song.

275.  A warm towel after a shower.

276.  When people enjoy the food you make.

277.  The first drop of a rollercoaster ride.

278.  Actually finishing the whole tube of ChapStick.

279.  The first bite of a slice of pizza.

280.  Surprising people with a talent they never knew you had.

281.  The smell of old books.

282.  Taking a perfect picture.

283.  Twisting the lid of a jar when no one else was able to.

284.  The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth.

285.  Saturday morning cartoons.

286.  Perfectly peeling off a price sticker.

287.  The first signs of spring.

288.  The first shower after a haircut.

289.  The first time a person says your name.

290.  When you catch someone cut staring at you.

291.  Compliments even when you look like a mess.

292.  Letting chocolate melt in your mouth.

293.  When people take care of you when you’re sick.

294.  Girl Scout cookies.

295.  Walking into class and seeing a substitute teacher.

296.  The feeling after finishing an oral presentation.

297.  Watching a new episode of your favorite TV show.

298.  When you catch something that was thrown to you from far away.

299.  Perfectly separating an Oreo.

300.  Arriving at the bus stop right on time.

301.  When someone is excited to see you.

302.  Realizing it’s Friday.

303.  When your turn signal goes along with the beat of the music you’re listening to.

304.  When other families treat you like a member.

305.  Questions on a test that give away answers to other questions.

306.  Freckles.

307.  Waking up and realizing your bad dream wasn’t real.

308.  Getting your hair washed at the salon.

309.  When the last item in a store is your size.

310.  The first bite of food when you’re really hungry.

311.  Being told that you’ve made someone’s day.

312.  Wearing new clothes for the first time.

313.  The brief moment of silence when you drive under a bridge on a rainy day.

314.  Not wearing makeup and being able to rub your eyes.

315.  Finally laughing after trying to hold it in.

316.  When the vending machine gives your more than you paid for.

317.  When someone texts back instantly.

318.  The moment you realize your hiccups are gone.

319.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

320.  Flipping to a new month on your calendar.


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